five pounds down…maybe

It might not come as much of a surprise, but I don’t like to put a lot of stock in the bathroom scale. Partly this is because I often don’t like what I see on it (so I pretend it’s wrong), partly because my scale and my brother’s scale measure me at ten pounds different (so I pretend the heavier scale is wrong), but mostly because I don’t think weight is a complete measurement of a person’s health. As numerous experts have noted, health is about far more than a single number, or even two numbers (if you’re including BMI).

Health is about how far you can walk and bike, how many stairs you can climb, how well your pants fit, and whether you like what you see in the mirror (mental health). These are all far more important measures, in my mind, than your weight itself. If you are happy with where you are, maybe you don’t really need to change. And if you aren’t happy, I understand that sometimes facing the reality of feeling like you need to change so much can be depressing enough that nothing changes at all. In fact it might get worse. Believe me, I understand.

So I’ve mostly given up the scale. But ever since having read that one vegetarian blogger unintentionally lost 18 pounds in one month by going paleo, and having seen a number of different people claim to lose weight AND feel much healthier after giving up grain, I thought it might be worthwhile to break out the scale, say once a week, and just see what it tells me. This week it told me that I’ve lost five pounds since the last time I’ve weighed myself. Is that accurate? Maybe. I don’t weigh myself often enough to know how often I fluctuate on a normal basis, and by how much.

But it didn’t show growth, and I have to admit it’s encouraging, even though I want to not care. Since I didn’t cook dinner on Thursday (usually don’t) and haven’t felt well much of the last two days, I’ll just give a triple accounting of what I ate at the end of this week.

Day Four (of 42)

Breakfast: skipped

Lunch: giant salad: romaine with caesar dressing, hard-boiled egg, avocado, roasted beets, heirloom tomatoes, crunchy chickpeas, feta cheese, parmesan cheese, toasted corn, balsamic red onions, watermelon radish  —  side note: this salad cost me around $13 in san francisco, which is a pretty good price for a filling, healthy lunch. blue barn (marina or polk st), I recommend it…

Dinner: whole-milk latte, three falafel with hummus, a couple kale-nut chip things, a few handfuls of freeze-dried vegetables, unsweetened hibiscus tea… oh yes, and a bite of my brother’s mozzarella/salami log (he’s NOT doing my diet. he’s doing keto)

Day Five (of 42)

Breakfast: skipped

Lunch: five remaining falafel with hummus

Dinner: kelp noodles with ricotta and peas, some goat cheese and cheddar cheese with two quinoa crisp crackers (pain des fleurs)

Day Six (of 42)

Breakfast: skipped

Lunch: another giant salad! romaine and baby greens with ranch dressing and creme fraiche, beets, carrots, corn, parmesan cheese, chickpeas, kidney beans, green onions, radish

Dinner: 1/2 c poached chicken in garlic broth – I wasn’t feeling too well last night, and my nutritional profile indicated I might be a little low on protein so I thought this might make me feel better, and it did!

Dessert (yes, dessert): a few spoonfuls of lemon-coconut chia pudding, which I’ll put in a later post – although those familiar with chia puddings can probably figure out what I did…


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