a new direction (for now)

New Staples: protein (peanut butter), no-sugar-added sweet food (100% fruit jam, applesauce, dates), the only two wheat-free, sugar-free peanut-butter-carrier-devices at the store (whole-grain oat crackers, brown rice cakes)

As of yesterday, I’ve begun a strict new eating regimen. I hope it will, in some way, “reset” my body’s inner workings and redirect them toward a more healthy direction. The plain truth is that reducing my consumption level of unhealthy foods doesn’t really work for me, because if they’re always around and I’m in the habit of eating them, I tend to eat them too often. A lot of different things are tied into the way I eat – at least potentially: my complexion, activity level, weight, energy level, and the shape of my body. So I’m giving it thirty days. I’m not really attempting to change any specific attribute of those I listed above so much as to see what a restricted diet does for me.

In addition, I am attempting to do a modified ADF (alternate-day fast). Modified in the sense that I plan on doing the 20/4 model (fast 20 hours, eat 4 hours). Some days I may achieve a complete 24-hour fast, and other days I might have to eat in the afternoon. It’s something I’m doing because I naturally do it occasionally and I think it will keep my overall caloric level in check.

So, the diet itself. I’m completely eliminating (as much as possible without going overboard – this isn’t a medically necessary diet, after all):

  • added sugar
  • red meat
  • poultry
  • wheat/gluten

And I’m attempting to eat vegan most of the time, with some exceptions for plain yogurt, cheese, and oily fish. Although this is not a calorie-counting diet, I plan to track my calories each day to be sure I’m staying on track (and to try and monitor my nutrition level).

A typical day might look like this: fast until early evening with unsweetened teas and water with 100% fruit smoothie if needed, small protein-rich snack around 6-8pm, late dinner primarily comprised of legumes and vegetables.

Food Diary, 9/4/12

  • 4 cups tea + 4 cups water
  • 8pm, tuna packed in garlic oil – 540 cal
  • 12am, corn + manchego cheese – 350 cal
  • 12am, split pea soup – 220 cal
  • 2am, 4 dates – 100 cal
  • Total ~1200 cal

That’s a pretty high calorie count for what was supposed to be a fast day, but I’m allowing myself to ease into it a little bit. On the other hand, compared to how many calories I’m probably used to eating in a day (I don’t really count or care usually), it was surprisingly easy to stay so low.

I’ll be trying to post each day with my progress, my feelings, my calorie counts – all to keep me on track more than because anyone else will find it interesting (they probably won’t). But in the meantime I’ll be starting up my cookie baking again, meaning lots of sweet posts and pictures, and I’ve got a backlog of old posts (mostly pictureless) to share.


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