The Crust Goes Mediterranean!

Had my family over to dinner last night to celebrate a birthday or two, and I decided to go Mediterranean.  It took me about six hours give or take, plus plenty of inactive time, to put the whole spread together, and it was definitely worth it.  Now, there are recipes for hummus and baba ghanouj aplenty on the interwebs these days, and since I didn’t sufficiently modify the ones I used, I’m not going to do a write up on everything I made, but I will show you.

Hummus made from dried chickpeas, with a lemon-tahini garnish, and whole chickpeas, from an Israeli recipe.

Mmm, chickpeas.

Baba ghanouj, a roasted eggplant spread with tahini, and a pool of olive oil.

I don’t have a picture of the falafel.  I grilled them, but I think there was not a sufficient binder because most of them crumbled and fell apart – definitely need to modify this recpe!

Whole-wheat pita breads, handmade and baked on the grill.

Tarte tatin (or French upside-down cake with puff pastry), with heirloom plum tomatoes and handmade whole-wheat puff pastry (post forthcoming).

I supplemented the meal with a very simple and popular salad in Israel: tomatoes, cucumber, and green onions tossed with lemon juice and olive oil.  The cheese plate I composed included a triple creme goat brie, a sheep’s milk manchego, fig spread, and dried Medjool dates.  Rounded out the meal with honeyed lemonade.  Refreshing, summery, really one of my better choices for a special occasion meal.


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