Last Days in Boston

Such a shame that I feel I never really got to appreciate Boston until I was about to leave.  For nearly the entire nine months I was there, I kept thinking, ‘Boston, eh.  I could take it or leave it.’  But after just four short days gallivanting around, I know: I’m going back someday, and there’s just something about it that reminds me of my own San Francisco.  In particular, I very much love the North End – reminded me of the sights and smells of North Beach here at home.


At lunch time on the first day of exploration, I popped into an inconspicuous little place where they sell thick squares of pizza by the slice and these: monstrous arancini.  Rice balls filled with mozzarella cheese, beef and tomato sauce, then fried to crispy perfection.


My favorite place in Boston is probably Maria’s Pastry Shop.  Located at the edge of the North End, it’s just a few dozen square feet of heavenly shop space.  In addition to the imported candies, there is a big case with dozens of cookies and another case with lots of pastries.  The one there above is called sfogliatelle, a clamshell-shaped pastry filled with orange-scented ricotta pastry cream.  I just about died when I bit into it.

Boston Harbor


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